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Useful links

A selection of websites related to the world of Bible translation

The Bible online

A list of websites where you can freely access the biblical text (sometimes even in audio format) in several languages or different editions. Some offer the ability to download their app to take advantage of content on any device.

  • – 1,676 editions of the Bible/NT in 1,195 different languages (about ten editions in Italian). Availability of app.

  • – the biblical text available in 1,277 languages, many also in audio format. Availability of app.

  • –217 versions for 72 languages, some also in audio format. Five editions in Italian.

  • Biblica | The International Bible Society – 42 versions for 27 languages, some also in audio format.

  • – portal dedicated to the Bible in Italian (6 editions). Availability of useful study tools and app.

  • Find a Bible – universal catalogue of biblical resources available for most of the known languages: 3,748 Bibles/ NT (in digital or paper format) searchable by country or language.

  • Scripture Earth – similar catalogue to the previous one, covering more than 2,300 languages, but also listing the existence of any audio or film versions.

Bible translation

A selection of the main missions or associations dealing with Bible translation.

Original languages of the Bible

Institutes, schools, courses or texts that can help those who want to start (or deepen) the study of the original languages in which the Bible was written: Hebrew and Aramaic for OT and Greek for the NT. Many Biblical Schools in Italy and in the world, not reported here, offer courses in Greek and / or Biblical Hebrew.

  • Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators – Jerusalem-based institute offering Hebrew courses for Bible translators. The courses, lasting six months, are held in English or French.

  • Biblical Language Center – another Institute based in Jerusalem offering Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic courses. The four-week courses take place during the summer and are held in Hebrew and partly in English, with an innovative teaching method.

  • Institute of Biblical Greek – institute that offers videos and online tools for the personal study of the biblical Greek.

  • Risorse bibliche in rete (Biblical resources on the net) – website edited by Elio Jucci of the University of Pavia offering innumerable links regarding biblical languages and the study of the Bible in general.

  • Alef with Beth  – a nice Hebrew course on YouTube. The video lessons follow the technique of learning the language of a child with his parents: listening and assimilation. It starts with lesson 1 and goes on step by step… summary exercises are also provided.

Bible study software

Some of the main computer programs that offer particular possibilities for an effective study of the biblical text and for the research and analysis of the original languages of the Bible.

  • Accordance Bible Software – probably the most complete and versatile program for the study of the Bible, aimed from the beginning to the study of Greek and Hebrew. Very appreciated for its ease of use. Many modules can be purchased at your own choice, including a couple of versions of the Bible in Italian (Nuova Riveduta 1994 and 2006, CEI 1974 and 2008). Initially available only for Mac, it now also has versions for Windows, iOS and Android.

  • Logos Bible Software – probably the software with the most extensive digital library available. Perhaps less directed to the research of the precedent, but still an excellent and useful tool. As for Italian, it only offers the text of the Diodati. Originally developed for Windows only, now also executable on Mac, iOS, Android and Kindle.