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AITB aims to be an information point for all things concerning Bible translation.
It is also conceived to be a connection point for anyone interested in getting closer to this world


Some statistics

When numbers mean more than simple figures

Would you have ever imagined that in the world there are 7,394 languages?

And in how many of these, do you think, the Bible has already been translated?

Sadly only in 3,658 of those (49.4%).

Of the remaining 50,6% — though there is an already vast number of projects in action — we have determined that there still is an impelling need to translate God’s Word in  1,268 languages (about 17% of the total), that meaning about 100 millions of people without the most precious gift mankind could ever receive!

So, when we open our Bible, let us be grateful… and let us think about those who still don’t have access to it!

This is John 3:16 in 1,268 languages

Pray that this blank space may be filled as soon as possible!

If you wish to have an overall look at the numbers mentioned above, here below you can find some graphics and maps.

All the data and the infographics come from  where anyone can access freely, select the preferred language and download the respective pdfs (or download it directly from here) and also read other related informative documents.