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Multimedia section

Some videos or audio related to the Bible translation


“A greater joy: celebrating the 1,000th New Testament”
August 11 2018: a special day

“A vision for transformation”
The relevance of translating the Bible into sign languages

“Translating for Understanding”
What it means to produce an accurate translation of the Bible

“Why Bible Translation”
The motivations behind this precious work

“Portrait of Bible Translation”
Video illustrating the concept of team in the translation work

“A Great Moltitude”
Celebrative video for Wycliffe’s 75 years of service

“The History of the Bible in Italy”
Presentation made in 2007 on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Diodati Bible, now updated and transformed into video
(in Italian)

“The Word like a river”
Video that, although a little dated, allows you to closely observe the work done by Bible translators in every corner of the world
(in Italian)