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Conventions, conferences or courses organized by us or in which we participate

July 22-29 –– 2022

Mission Camp 2022: “The world is my neighbour”

AITB this summer will take part in Mission Camp 2022 which will be held in Sicily at the Christian Growth Center in the province of Ragusa.
It is an excellent opportunity to be informed, pray and approach the mission field.

For all the necessary information, please visit

September 1-30 –– 2019

Mostra della Bibbia (Bible Exposition)

We wish to inform you that in Matera, within the event “Matera Capitale Europea della Cultura” (Matera, European Capital of Culture), for the whole month of September, Mostra della Bibbia (Bible Exposition), will be displaying its numerous Biblical texts.
The event will be held inside the Biblioteca Provinciale Tommaso Stigliani (local district library) in Vittorio Veneto Square.

For further information, please visit the website

July 1-6 –– 2019

AITB Summer School 2019

AITB (Italian Association of Bible Translators) porposes a short intensive course on topics related to Bible translation for the Summer 2019.

Hebrew for Exegesis and Bible Translation: An Introduction
Dr. Aaron Hornkohl (University Language Teaching Officer in the Hebrew Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies & Director of Studies, Girton College University of Cambridge).
   This course, for which familiarity with Ancient Hebrew is recommended, but not required, will focus on various translation-related disciplines, practically demonstrating the importance of Hebrew knowledge to the field of Bible translation.
   Among the topics to be covered are exegesis, textual criticism, discourse analysis, theBiblical Hebrew verbal system, ancient Jewish and inner-biblical interpretation, the historical depth of Hebrew Bible reading traditions, linguistic variety and diachronic development, and the value of extra-/post-biblical Hebrew sources and cognate languages.
   Lessons: 15 hours (+ 6 hours of practical sessions).

Cross-Cultural Communication of the Gospel Message
Brad Willits (Field Ministries Officer and Bible Translation Consultant, Pioneer Bible Translators).
   This course focuses on the reality of cross-cultural barriers in the transfer of information.The person desiring to share a message with people of a different culture would do well to understand these dynamics, especially if the message being communicated is profound, life-changing, and eternally important.
   Lessons: 8 hours.

Where: At IBEI (Italian Evangelical Biblical Institute) near Rome. More info about the institute location at this link

When: July 1-6, 2019 (Monday to Saturday). Arrival June 30 (afternoon or evening), departure July 6 (evening) or July 7 (morning), depending on personal needs or preferences.

Other info: Classes will be in English. A guided tour to the Ancient Ostia excavations called “Setting of Biblical Rome “ (by Fares Marzone – IBEI Principal) will be included.

Cost: € 950 all-inclusive (board and lodging, study materials, guided tour and transportation back and forth to the airport).The cost may less, based on the number of participants.The minimum number of participants is set at 5.

More information available at:

October 30 –– 2017

Conference on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

An interesting conference will be held on Saturday 30 September at 5.30 pm at the premises of the Chiesa Evangelica Azione Biblica of Via Brusa 50 in Turin.
The theme will be “The impact of the Reform and the translation of the Bible in Italy and the world” and will be developed through interventions by Fares Marzone (President IBEI), Hannes Wiesmann (Director of European Wycliffe) and two AITB members.

For information on how to reach the venue, a link to the church’s web page is provided.